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5 Popular Túró Rudi Flavors You Must Try

An eye-catching, red and white polka dot packaging, chocolate shell and sweet creamy white filling – the beloved Hungarian treat, Túró Rudi never disappoints anyone who tries it. As Hungarians it is amongst the first sweets we make our foreign friends try and we are proud to have such an iconic dessert. And while the original, refreshingly sweet plain cottage cheese filling is the overall favorite, Túró Rudi has other, interesting flavor options to offer too. So without further ado, let’s get to tasting!

Before we begin our list, let us give you a brief summary of our star-dessert. Túró Rudi, or most well known brand, Pöttyös Túró Rudi, had been introduced to Hungarian customers almost 70 years ago, inspired by a popular Russian snack made of curd cheese covered in chocolate glaze, also known as szirok.

Many Eastern European countries had adapted this snack into their own culture, and it was the way Túró Rudi was born as well. Its name is quite simple if you translate it: “túró” means curd cheese, referring to the filling and “rudi” is a diminutive form of “rúd” meaning rod, in Hungarian.

Originally the name of the snack stirred a scandal as many publishers deemed the name inappropriate and refused to advertise it, writes.

But sometimes a scandal like such can provide a better advertisement than any newspaper ever could and thus the snack gained immense popularity that hadn’t faltered ever since. When customers love a product this much, there is room for expansion, and in 2007 they began experimenting with new flavors.

  1. 0% Sugar


Following the large demand for a sugar-free option, the 0% sugar Túró Rudi is the healthy alternative of the beloved dessert, using alternative sweeteners such as maltitol and stevia in the chocolate glaze. Those with diabetic problems now don’t have to say farewell to their favorite desserts anymore and those who simply want a more sugar conscious diet can say yes to Túró Rudi too.

  1. strawberry
Strawberry Túró Rudi


Strawberry is one of the most popular fruits here in Hungary and when talking about flavored Túró Rudi, this is the first that usually comes to mind. The snack gets another, inner layer of strawberry jam filling that brings a fruity freshness and strikingly sweet flavor into the experience.

  1. Salted Caramel
Salted Caramel Túró Rudi


The contrasting pair of salt and caramel had only recently become a very popular flavor in Hungarian gastronomy and people love the adaptation of it into their Túró Rudi too.

  1. Milky
Milky Túró Rudi


This type of Túró Rudi is alternated in the glaze rather than the filling. While the glaze is usually a more bitter sweet dark chocolate flavor, this version uses a milk chocolate type of glaze that truly resonates with the curd cheese filling.

  1. Poppy Seed and Marzipan
Poppy Seed Rudi


And first but certainly not last, let us introduce you to a rather peculiar flavor, Poppy Seed and Marzipan. Both are iconic ingredients in Hungarian gastronomy yet even there are few dishes that combine them. And yet in 2017 the Facebook followers of the official site of Pöttyös voted to renew this old combination and now it is one of the regular flavored Rudis. We sincerely recommend this flavor to anyone who likes a gastronomical adventure.

And if you don’t have any Túró Rudi available near you right now, try recreating them at home.

Homemade Túró Rudi
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