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FairPrice Finest Has Unique Desserts And Snacks, Get Loacker Ice Cream, Plant-Based Cadbury Chocolate And More

Premium snacks and desserts at FairPrice Finest

Snack fiends, you’ll want in on this: FairPrice Finest you have brought in some unique and premium nibbles and desserts as part of their Sweet Treats campaign. These will be available in stores at promotional prices too, so look out for signs in FairPrice Finest directing you to these unique products!

From popular wafer snack brand Loacker’s latest ice cream launch, to addictive nut mixes for snacking on-the-go, here’s an idea of ​​what to stock up on.

fairprice finest sweet treats loacker

We all know and love Loacker for their best-selling Neapolitan, which sees light wafer biscuits layered with smooth hazelnut cream. It’s a no-brainer that the brand has come up with an ice cream version of the iconic snack: Loacker Biscuit Ice Cream ($13.95).

The all-new dessert features creamy hazelnut and cocoa ice cream held by two crunchy wafer cookies. Mixed with roasted Italian hazelnuts, this frozen treat is a refreshing respite on a muggy day. On top of the popular Napolitaner, other must-try flavors are the Alpine Latte and Gelato cake—the former spotlights milk-flavored ice cream made with Alpine milk and fresh creamwhile the latter comes with surprise cocoa swirls upon biting. Do note that the Loacker Biscuit Ice Cream products are subject to availability in-store.

fairprice finest sweet treats ice cream

If you gravitate towards local desserts, try the Singapore Chendol Ice Cream (UP $34.95 for three pints) by homegrown creamery Udders. Featuring green pandan-infused jelly and sweet beans swirled in a creamy coconut ice cream base, the halal-certified treat takes the classic chendol dessert to a whole new level.

Here’s another piece of good news: you can get the ice cream at a special price of $27.90 for three pintsdesde now till 31 May! Other popular flavors in the range are Cookies & Creamand Dark Chocolate.

fairprice finest sweet treats yogurt flatlay

For something a little lighter and healthier, Gippsland Dairy Mix-in Yogurts ($8.50 for two, UP$5 each) will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. The thick and creamy yogurt is made in small batches with high-quality Australian dairy.

fairprice finest sweet treats yogurt

Available in an array of delectable flavours, including Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Wafflesand Choc Fudge Honeycombthe yogurt is packed separately from the toppings, so you can simply pour in the latter before mixing and tucking in.

fairprice finest sweet treats chocolate

Chocoholics can also look forward to a niche selection of premium chocolate treats, including the newly launched Cadbury Plant Bar ($4.95, UP $5.95). This vegan chocolate bar is Cadbury’s first plant-based foray, and comes in two flavours: Almondsand Almonds with Salted Caramel.

fairprice finest sweet treats chocolate group

A specially formulated almond paste is used in place of milk, resulting in a nutty and creamy snack that’s also vegan-friendly.

fairprice finest sweet treats butlers chocolate

Another highlight from FairPrice Finest’s chocolate range is the Butlers Tasty Pieces ($4.95, UP$7.95)available in flavors such as Honeycomb Crunchand Salted Almond. Each resealable packet contains bite-sized chocolate chunks inspired by Butlers’ popular chocolate bars.

fairprice finest sweet treats butlers

Butlers is a well-known Irish chocolatier that has been around since 1932, so you’re getting nothing short of premium quality here. Every product is made with a high content of sustainably-sourced cocoa, and is free from palm oil and artificial additives.

fairprice finest nut snacks

If you’re constantly on the move, Re-Foods‘nut mixes will keep you satiated without the sugar crash. The 100% plant-based nut snacks contain no artificial additives, and come in an array of healthy flavors including the crunchy Cashews with Honey Sesame ($5.30, UP $5.90)and nutrient-rich Almonds with Rock Salt ($5.30, UP $5.90).

fairprice finest sweet treats blinkies

For a sweet and salty treat for your next Netflix binge, go for the Krakakoa Blinkies ($2.50, UP $4.50) This halal-certified snack is an addictive combination of crunchy roasted peanuts and salted caramel brittle, doused in milk chocolate and topped with cocoa powder for extra chocolatey goodness.

fairprice bakehouse cookies

Alternatively, the East Coast Bakehouse Cookies ($2.95, UP $3.95) are another premium snack option, as they’re made with pure Irish butter, without artificial flavors or colors. Try the Enrobed Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies: crunchy cookies stuffed with milk and white chocolate chunks, drenched in luscious milk chocolate—perfect for cheat day.

fairprice finest sweet treats cookie

Indulge in these sweet treats and snacks from FairPrice Finest, available from now till June 1, 2022 at promotional prices! Make sure you look out for the in-store signage that’ll lead you to the goodies. For more details, check out the link below.

Photos taken by Chew Yi En.
This post is brought to you by FairPrice Finest.

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