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Hendersonville resident competes on new season of Food Network’s BBQ Brawl

Hendersonville’s Sunny Moody recently competed on the third season of Food Network’s smokin’ show BBQ Brawl.

“That was so much fun being able to be a part of the show, actually, and meet Bobby Flay, Jet (Tila) and chef Anne (Burrell), and they were all incredible, it was so neat,” Moody said.

“You’re going to have to tune in to see whose team I ended up on, but it was so much fun, the entire time that I got to spend there was incredible, it was just a really great experience.”

Set at the Star Hill Ranch in Austin, Texas, nine BBQ pitmasters have been divided into three teams and will compete to win the title of ‘Master of ‘Cue’ under the coaching of Chefs Anne Burrell, Jet Tila and the show’s reigning champion Bobby Flay.

One winner will be crowned ‘Master of ‘Cue’ in the season finale later this year and will appear across Food Network’s digital platforms as its official BBQ expert for the year.

BBQ Brawl returns for third season

Flay, Burrell and Tila mentor and coach the nine BBQ pitmasters in the barbeque world, testing their culinary skills and ability to work as a team throughout the season.

“This year’s intense barbecue challenges, breakout BBQ hopefuls, and top-flight Food Network chefs that put their reputations on the line has BBQ Brawl promising to again strike a chord with viewers this season,” Courtney White, president, Food Network and Streaming Food Content, Discovery Inc. said in an earlier statement.

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