Tomorrow Farms debuts animal-free flavored milk brand Bored Cow with Perfect Day

Tomorrow Farms, which is part of a new wave of startups using animal-free whey proteins created using microbial fermentation (minus the cows), is aiming to redefine and reinvent the fluid milk category.

“We like to think we have a simple but ambitious goal and that goal is to reinvent your favorite foods. For us, dairy is a prime example of that,”Tomorrow Farms CEO Ben Berman told FoodNavigator-USA. “We think that animal-free dairy is the future of this category.”

Bored Cow flavored milk gets its dairy credentials from Perfect Day’s animal-free beta-lactoglobulin (the main whey protein in cow’s milk), which Berman explained is identical to conventional whey protein with up to 97% fewer carbon emissions​s​ (no cows are involved), while providing the same creaminess, nutrition, and functionality as traditional dairy milk.

“The future of food is one where conscious consumers enjoy the foods they love, made more sustainably. With Bored Cow, the team at Tomorrow Farms has created an excellent example of just how delicious, nutritious, and fun a product which leverages the best of our food system can be,” ​added Ryan Pandya, co-founder at Perfect Day, which now supplies multiple brands in ice cream (Brave Robot, Nick’s, Graeter’s), cheese (Modern Kitchen, BOLD CULTR), ready to mix proteins (MOOLESS), confectionery (WOO! ) and milk (betterland foods).

Bored Cow’s three flavored animal-free dairy milks (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry) will be available to purchase online beginning in early June, with a fourth unflavored “original” offering debuting later this summer.


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